How To Form An AMWHO Chapter/Club

AMWHO, Inc.’s primary focus is to raise student awareness of pertinent global health issues through the lens of policy. The nonprofit aims to nurture an interest in global health and health policy, two fields that are often neglected in a standard health education curriculum. Every year, AMWHO, Inc. conducts an international model-WHO conference that invites undergraduate and graduate students from across the nation and world to simulate the World Health Assembly, and its chapters similarly create smaller-scale conferences that reach students in their state. 

As the premier model for global health policy learning in the United States, AMWHO, Inc. seeks to form chapters and clubs within universities and high schools, respectively, in each state. With the hope of encouraging greater discourse on health threats to populations around the world, the nonprofit’s chapters and clubs require strong, passionate leadership intent on gathering student interest and spreading model-WHO knowledge on campus. If you are interested in beginning in forming an AMWHO chapter or club, please read the below AMWHO Chapter/Club Manual and the “Steps to Becoming an AMWHO Chapter/Club” policy. Both documents include instructions on how to proceed with creating an AMWHO entity on your own campus.