AMWHO Oklahoma Chapter

AMWHO Oklahoma Secretariat


Brittany Hansen


Brittany Hansen is a junior Bachelor of Music Arts student, with a secondary area in pre-medical studies. She is the President and founder of the University of Oklahoma AMWHO Chapter. She was inspired to bring AMWHO to OU after attending the 2016 International Conference, and is excited to watch it grow this year. Brittany plans to attend medical school following her undergraduate studies, and hopes to find a school that offers a dual MD/Master of Public Health program. While she isn’t studying or obsessively checking her e-mail, Brittany enjoys reading, running, cooking, and being outdoors.

Vice President
of Operations

Kaitlin Lutz

Vice President of Operations

Kaitlin Lutz is very excited to be a part of the founding of the AMWHO chapter at the University of Oklahoma. She is a senior Health and Exercise Science major with honors, who will be attending physical therapy school next year. Kaitlin is eager to play a role in public health in the future. With a love for travel and learning about other cultures, she is fascinated with global health and how her role as a future physical therapist can make a difference.

Vice President
of Outreach

Hank Unterschuetz

Vice President of Outreach

Hank Unterschuetz is a Junior at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Chemistry and is the current Vice President of Outreach for the AMWHO OU chapter. Through his experiences in the medical field, Hank has witnessed first-hand the necessity for better health policy. He aims to study Medicine and Public Health in the future to help meet this need. Hank specifically recognizes the importance of environmental health in our rapidly modernizing world, and is passionate about implementing effective global policies to protect all populations and their homes. In his free time, Hank enjoys attending concerts and eating good food.

Vice President
of Travel

Catherine Lewis

Vice President of Travel

Catherine Lewis is a third-year undergraduate student at the University of Oklahoma. She is originally from Birmingham, Alabama, and has since lived in Honolulu, Washington, DC, and Oklahoma City. She currently holds the position of Vice President of Travel on the OU AMWHO Executive Board. Catherine was drawn to AMWHO because of her love for solutions in healthcare disparity and public health, global studies, and international relations. As she pursues a major in International Studies and a minor in French, Catherine aspires to go to Medical school, and has always had an interest in working for Global healthcare programs such as Doctors Without Borders. She has actively participated in the OU Chapter of Global Medical Brigades in Honduras, having traveled to Honduras and provided free healthcare to over 1,200 people in rural Honduras in the summer of 2015. She looks forward to this upcoming year with AMWHO, and the annual conference, as an opportunity to experience a constructive but creative outlet for her love of international relations and an exploration of modern public health topics.


Shaylin Daji


Shaylin Daji is a junior at the University of Oklahoma and is the current Chapter Treasurer of AMWHO OU. He is currently pursuing a degree in Microbiology with minors in Chemistry and Medical Humanities. In the future, Shaylin plans to attend medical school and be actively involved in research, education, and health policy as a future physician. Shaylin’s interests in healthcare are primarily in improving healthcare access for the underserved. He got involved in AMWHO because he wanted to learn how to effectively create policies that can have a greater impact on global health. Shaylin is also highly interested in EMS and hopes to work on improving emergency medical response systems in countries with poor public safety systems. Some of Shaylin’s interests outside of his healthcare also includes business, politics, and journalism. During his free time, Shaylin enjoys reading, running, and spending time outdoors.


Chris Jourden

Chief Publicity Officer

Chris Jourden is a Senior at the University of Oklahoma majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry. Chris is currently serving as the Chief Publicity Officer of the AMWHO Oklahoma Chapter this year. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Chris has learned values that have encouraged him to be a hard-working individual who takes integrity and loyalty to heart. After College, Chris plans to pursue his dream of becoming a physician and enter medical school. His passion for serving others has brought him to being involved in AMWHO and using his involvement to help spread awareness and education to the public. In his free time, Chris likes to listen to music and walking with his dog, Honey.


Karlie Hamman


Karlie Hamman is a junior at the University of Oklahoma majoring in psychology, with aspirations of attending medical school. Karlie’s interest in health lies in its curious interaction between biology and the mind. She’s serving as the secretary for AMWHO OU, and she is excited to play a role in bringing AMWHO to OU’s campus to begin to open the dialogue about various healthcare systems and how their interactions can have more effective global implications. She would like to increase the average knowledge of the typical person in these areas because she knows solving global healthcare accessibility and effectiveness crises will involve more disciplines than those only in the medical field. Having seen the disparity in patient care in various parts of the world, she would like to contribute her efforts to see improvement in this area, possibly as part of her permanent medical career one day. Outside of school, one will find Karlie in the gym with a weight in her hand or frequenting the local coffee shop with a classic novel in her hand.

Speaker Series

The University of Oklahoma Chapter of the American Mock World Health Organization is excited to be hosting its first ever speaker panel on global health issues. The 2017 speaker panel will cover a broad range of relevant topics related to global health policy, with speakers attending from across the state of Oklahoma and the country. We are excited to announce that we will be joined by Pam Cross-Cupit, the Executive Director of the Health Alliance for the Uninsured! Other speakers to be announced in the coming weeks.