AMWHO Oklahoma Chapter

Directors’ Letter

Dear Prospective Delegates and Esteemed Colleagues,

Welcome to University of Oklahoma Chapter of the American Mock World Health Organization! Founded in the Spring of 2017, we are a young chapter but we have high hopes for engaging students in global public health, policy-making, and international diplomacy. Our primary function is hosting mock World Health Organization assemblies where students collaborate to craft resolutions aimed to alleviate pressing global health issues. Additionally, the chapter hosts biweekly meetings on the Norman campus with events like documentary screenings, guest speaker presentations, and topical global health discussions.

Our first annual One-Day Summit will be hosted at the OU College of Public Health at the Health Sciences Center in Oklahoma City on October 20th, 2018. The theme for this conference is Impacting Health through Education: A Global Perspective. High-school, undergraduate, and graduate students are invited to represent a country in regional committees where they will promote their national interests and priorities in relation to the Summit theme and regional agendas. Following Robert's Rules of Order (see 'Resources'), delegates will simulate World Health Assembly proceedings to create a final resolution that is voted on by the entire assembly at the Summit's conclusion. Passed resolutions are sent to the WHO Headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland for professional review. Student delegates are strongly encouraged to compose a 'Position Paper' regarding their country's stance and priorities on the conference theme prior to the date of the conference. Finally, for each region, awards of 'Best Delegate' and 'Best Position Paper' will be announced at the conclusion of the conference. 

Although you may have no past Model United Nations or Model World Health Organization experience, this should not stop you from getting involved in meetings or registering for the Summit. This can be a critical first step for you to develop collaborative and argumentative skills geared towards global health policy advocacy and diplomacy. Not only will you be exposed to new depths of global health issues and a variety of perspectives on these issues, but you will have the opportunity to establish connections with motivated students of similar interests. The purpose of this Summit is to convince students in Oklahoma and beyond that our voices can be heard in the global health arena. Through engagement in this Summit, we hope to convince you that your voice can be heard in pressing global health debates. Our past experiences with AMWHO conferences have convinced us of this and we hope to bring such inspiration to Oklahoma students like you. 

To quote the great Paul Farmer, "with rare exceptions, all of your most important achievements on this planet will come from working with others - or, in a word, partnership."

For questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at We look forward to seeing and hearing from you soon!

Kody Oliver & Elizabeth Kosco
Co-Directors, AMWHO Oklahoma

AMWHO Oklahoma Secretariat

President & Conference Co-Director

Kody Oliver

President & Conference Co-Director

Kody Oliver is a senior from Oklahoma City double majoring in Chemical Biosciences and Economics with a minor in medical humanities. He got involved in AMWHO because of his desire to see the world and create change in the global health arena. AMWHO Conferences provide him with priceless policy-making experience that he hopes to one day transition to a career fostering improved health outcomes for those needing it most. Beyond AMWHO, Kody is often outdoors with his dog and OU AMWHO mascot, Milton, volunteering off-campus, or reading whatever interesting book he comes across.

Vice-President & Conference Co-Director

Elizabeth Kosco

Vice-President & Conference Co-Director

Hey guys! My name is Elizabeth Kosco (but you can call me Lizzy) and I'm your Dias Director! On top of that I will be a Dias Chair for the AMRO region and I am so excited to teach you about the world of AMWHO! I'm a Freshman International Businesses major with a Pre-law track so I'm definitely planning on going to law school. I love everything public speaking and debate and have several years of experience in Model United Nations, making AMWHO my bread and butter. I also really love talking and meeting people so feel free to approach me anytime during the conference and I promise you won't be disappointed!

Director of Outreach & Logistics

Wendy Han

Director of Outreach & Logistics

Wendy Han is a junior from St. Louis, Missouri double majoring in International Studies and Economics and minoring in Spanish. She joined AMWHO because she is passionate about global health, specifically health equity. As Director of Outreach & Logistics, Wendy is excited to work with groups across campus and the Norman community to initiate activities and dialogue about public health. Outside of AMWHO, Wendy can be found spontaneously napping, leading a volunteer team with OU Student Heroes, and interning with I-CCEW.

Director of Publicity & Media

Thomas Portier

Director of Publicity & Media

My name is Thomas Portier. I am a sophomore studying Biology with a minor in Spanish. I am interested in the spread of infectious disease especially by insects. I joined AMWHO in order to gain a greater understanding of the health problems that impact us both locally and globally. Outside of AMWHO and academics, I enjoy playing soccer, cooking, and posting a whole lot on Twitter.

Treasurer & Director of Finance

Abbey Wegrzynski

Treasurer & Director of Finance


Jed Casauay


Hailing from South Florida, Jed Casauay is a sophomore Pre-Med student majoring in Biology and minoring in Spanish. Having grown up in a family full of health care professionals, he joined AMWHO to gain a broader perspective on the medical field and its broader impacts within society. This is his first year as member of the AMWHO executive team, and he hopes to be able to work with other health organizations to better inform the student body on important public health issues. Outside of AMWHO, Jed can be found discussing rap albums in great detail and singing as part of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia.


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