Directors’ Letter

Dear AMWHO Participants,

Welcome to the Classic City! It is our pleasure to welcome you to the American Mock World Health Organization’s Second Annual Georgia Regional Conference. This year, it was our pleasure to introduce AMWHO to Georgia’s flagship institution—the University of Georgia. In the past year, this organization has united students from all aspects of our university with a common goal of increasing health literacy and drafting resolutions to real-world issues around the world. As Co-Directors, we deeply believe in the mission of the American Mock World Health Organization and cannot wait for you to see the impact AMWHO can make through this conference.

This conference will encourage you to research and apply your public health knowledge to tackle global health issue through lively debate intended to spark policy change. This Georgia Regional Conference will incorporate the public health, medical, business, legal, agricultural, and anthropological schools of thought to simulate an authentic interdisciplinary experience. It is our sincere hope that you leave this conference enriched with a vast knowledge of the theme stemming from the speakers, the research, and from each other.

We are proud to announce that our theme for the second annual Georgia Regional Conference is Food Insecurity. While this is a global issue, it also deeply affects Athens-Clarke County (ACC). Approximately one out of five ACC residents are food insecure, a statistic that is much higher than both the state and national average. Food Insecurity is the root cause of various lethal diseases such as obesity and diabetes and, as such, has been the topic of much research and social work on the UGA campus. Join us in Athens as we discus and debate this topic that is near and dear to our hearts. A Theme Guide will be released closer to the conference outlining the different subthemes and expanding upon the contributing factors of this topic.

Ultimately, this conference could not succeed without the guidance of our President, Neha Acharya, the determination and work ethic of our executive board, and motivated delegates like yourself; as such, we humbly thank you all. While this is a Mock-World Health Assembly, this ever-present issue affects real people around the world. We hope participation in this conference ignites a movement toward reducing food insecurity in your local community and beyond.

If you have any questions, please contact us at We cannot wait to welcome you to Athens in March and share a piece of our amazing town with you!

Dhairya Shukla & Autumn Nobles
Co-Directors, AMWHO Georgia Regional Conference 2017

AMWHO UGA Executive Board


Dhairya Shukla


Dhairya Shukla is a 2nd Year at the University of Georgia participating in a dual-degree program with a B.A in Genetics and a M.P.H in Health Policy and Management. Dhairya is current Co-President and Co-Founder of the AMWHO UGA Chapter. He aims for a career as a physician-policymaker working directly with patients while still engaging in research and implementation of large-scale prevention measures. In his free time, Dhairya enjoys traveling, exercising, and photography.


Autumn Nobles


Autumn Nobles is a sophomore at the University of Georgia majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Anthropology. Autumn is the current Co-President and Co-Founder of the AMWHO UGA Chapter. Autumn aspires to be an anesthesiologist, and she became interested in AMWHO after realizing she would like to work at the intersection between medicine and health policy. During her free time, Autumn enjoys reading and hiking.

Chief Of

Varad Dabke

Chief of Staff

Varad Dabke is a sophomore at the University of Georgia. He is currently studying English and International Affairs. Varad serves as the Chief of Staff for AMWHO UGA. With AMWHO, he hopes to spread the importance of forming a social dialogue and debating policy solutions to global issues. In his free time, Varad enjoys fake lawyering for the UGA Mock Trial Program and


Neha Madangarli

Charge d’Affaires

Neha is a junior at the University of Georgia. She is studying Biology and Psychology, along with a minor in Spanish. Neha plans to attend medical school after graduating the University of Georgia with honors. She strives to become a neurologist and eventually open up her own free clinic. Neha serves as Charge D’Affairs co-director. AMWHO has allowed Neha to explore global health policies, and she is excited to be planning the Georgia Regional Conference that will be held this spring. In her free time, Neha enjoys writing short stories, cooking, and studying classical dance.


Kaia Alexander

Charge d’Affaires

Kaia Alexander is a sophomore at the University of Georgia. She is studying Human Development and Family Science with a minor in Global Health and Anthropology. Kaia is planning to get a dual Law and Masters of Public Health degree after graduating from the University of Georgia. Kaia sarves as the Charge D’Affrairs co director where she will help to plan the regional conference that will be held at the University of Georgia where she can put her organizational and event planning skills to work. During her free time, Kaia likes to work out, read, be outside, and hang with her sorority sisters.

Director Of

Wesley Brown

Director of Finance

Wes is a senior at the University of Georgia. He is studying biology and has picked up a minor in Spanish. Following graduation in the spring of 2017, Wes will attend the Medical College of Georgia to work towards the fulfillment of his goal of working as an Emergency Room Physician. As the Director of Finance, Wes has enjoyed creating the budget for the AMWHO UGA chapter, and looks forward to assisting in planning the Georgia Regional Conference in the spring. During his free time, Wes enjoys competing on the basketball court, reading, and taking it easy.

Director of
Public Relations

Kalai Willis

Director of Public Relations

Kalai is currently a third-year student at the University of Georgia studying health promotion and marketing. Kalai anticipates to pursue a dual MBA/MPH degree program following field-experience abroad. She is interested in pursuing the field of health promotion through the aid of both degrees in order to become an enabler of positive change throughout communities including the individual, societal and environmental levels. In Kalai’s free time, she enjoys seeking nature and awe-inspiring adventures coupled with her love for travel and culture immersion.


Ajara Ceesay

Campus Affairs

Ajara is currently a third-year student at the University of Georgia majoring in Health Promotion and Behavior with a certificate in Global Health and African Studies. Ajara is passionate about the women’s empowerment, education, and health. Ajara is plans on pursuing a Masters of public health in health policy and management and a doctoral degree. In Ajara’s free time, she enjoys blogging, photography, reading inspirational books, and exploring through traveling.


Benjamin Park

Campus Affairs

Ben Park is a junior at the University of Georgia majoring in Microbiology and Psychology. Ben is in charge of Campus Affairs for AMWHO UGA. He is currently working towards a career in medicine and policy to combine the two in order to create health policy solutions. AMWHO allows him to combine those two interests into an opportunity to challenge current healthcare problems and realize a wider perspective on those issues. Outside of AMWHO, Ben enjoys conducting vaccine research and training as an amateur boxer. He is excited to participating in the national and regional conferences while meeting new faces from different chapters.


Observer Registration

Speaker Profiles

Dr. Grace Bagwell-Adams

Dr. Grace Bagwell Adams is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Administration and Policy at the University of Georgia. She completed her Ph.D. in Public Policy in August of 2013 at UGA, under the direction of Jeffrey Wenger. Her dissertation, entitled “The Social Policy of SNAP Participation and Expenditures,” focused on state-level food stamp expenditures and the influence of food stamp receipt on individual consumption behavior. Grace's research interests include nutrition assistance policy for low income populations, obesity policy, and policy implementation.

Victor Akelo

Mr. Victor Akelo currently works at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Mr. Akelo previously worked as a Medical Officer at the Kenya Medical Research Institute/CDC Collaboration (KEMRI/CDC). He has his Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) focusing on Maternal and Child Health and infectious diseases from the University of Nairobi. He is currently the Principal Investigator on a CDC/KEMRI collaboration.

Networking Dinner

Dean Phillip Williams

Williams is the founding Dean of the UGA College of Public Health and also holds the Georgia Power Professorship of Environmental Health Science in the College’s Department of Environmental Health Science. An expert on chemical exposure and other toxicological threats, he has authored more than 100 scientific publications, three textbooks on toxicology, and has spoken at numerous professional conferences and meetings, including 15 in other countries. He has been an adviser on chemical safety and hazardous materials issues to many government agencies and businesses, including the Hanford Nuclear Site in the state of Washington and OSHA for standards on occupational limits for toxic substances.

Ramu Kaladi

Ramu Kaladi works as a Health Policy and Issues Management Analyst to provide consultation, analysis and advice to CDC global programs on Congressional and external relations. Kaladi also serves as liaison to Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Global Affairs, and other federal agencies to provide timely and complete responses to issues management and policy requests, including facilitation of multilateral engagement. He received his MA in Public Policy & Administration from Nothwestern University.

Dr. Juliet Sekandi

Dr. Juliet Sekandi, a Ugandan native, physician and UGA professor of Global Health, has taken a strong interest in the field of Mobile HealthDr. Sekandi is particularly passionate about using mobile technology to improve maternal health in rural Uganda, a serious issue in the area. Dr.Sekandi hopes to use mHealth to empower pregnant women with vitinformation such as where to go for prenatal care and birth assistance from trained health workers, early warning signs for problems associated with pregnancy, and where and when to take their babies for immunizations. Dr. Sekandi received her DrPH from the University of Georgia, her M.S. in Health Services Research & Epidemiology from Case Western Reserve University, and her M.D. from Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

Dr. Paula Davis-Olwell

Dr. Paula Davis-Olwell is a demographer with expertise in public health nutrition and medical anthropology. Her research on infant feeding in Uganda developed an observational methodology for measuring mothers’ implementation of exclusive breastfeeding. She was on the faculty of Population Studies at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda and she has collaborated with faculty at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana. Dr. Davis-Olwell recently completed an NIH funded fellowship in Complementary and Alternative Medicine in which she studied CAM therapies for depression, including yoga and energy healing. Her research and teaching address present-day public health issues—malnutrition, maternal mortality, mental health, population policy, infectious diseases, refugee health—through a lens of social studies of science and technology.