AMWHO Case Western Chapter

Directors’ Letter

Dear Potential AMWHO Participants,

It is our honor to welcome you to the first American Mock World Health Organization Cleveland Regional Conference 2017. It is our pleasure to have you join us in the first regional AMWHO conference in the Midwest. After founding our chapter last semester with the help of our national President, Neha Acharya, we have been looking forward to teaching our community the importance of global health policy. We hope that this conference allows students like you to explore your interests in an extremely important field so you can become an informed global citizen and use your experiences you learn at the conference to make a difference in your careers.

To accomplish our goal in teaching the community about important issues, we will aid any potential delegates and participants with researching, presenting, and developing your original ideas during your discussions. We will provide any resources required for you to grow to your greatest potential during this weekend. We hope that through this conference, you will become more comfortable with public speaking, expressing your opinions, streamlining ideas, balancing political and economic interests with varying cultural ones, and learning about the policies that can potentially have global impacts in healthcare.

It is our pleasure to announce the theme for this year’s conference: Global Pharmaceutical Supply Chain. Research and medicine all contribute to the uneven distribution of drugs throughout the world. This topic incorporates political, economic and scientific limitations in developing a global policy that would benefit global pharmaceutical supply chain. This limited availability and accessibility in the supply of pharmaceuticals have threatened the health management of many developing countries in regions such as Asia and Africa. This macro-scale issue will be further explained in our theme brief along with the various sub-themes.

This conference would not be possible without the work of the Executive Board and the guidance of Neha Acharya. However, most of all, it would not be possible without the esteemed individuals such as yourself who participate in the conference. With a fresh set of bright minds, we hope this conference will introduce new ideas and encourage you to make a global impact in your future endeavors.

Please feel free to contact us at with any questions, comments, or concerns. We are excited to welcome to the very first AMWHO Cleveland Regional Conference.

Priyal Chadha & Anjlee Panjwani
Co-Directors, AMWHO Cleveland 2017

AMWHO Case Western Secretariat


Priyal Chadha


Priyal Chadha is a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University and is currently a Co-Director of CWRU AMWHO. She is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Economics and hopes to earn a Masters in Public Health. She also plans to apply to medical school to combine her interests in both public health policy and direct patient care. Her career aspirations combine her goal to provide a personal impact through patient care and to implement a lasting impact through policy. Specifically, she aims to spread awareness about the medical stigmas that surround global health systems. Growing up in the diverse city of New York, Priyal is intrigued by cultural barriers and how they impact global health policy. She is extremely excited to spread awareness about this perspective and welcome the participants of the AMWHO Cleveland Regional Conference 2017 in April!


Anjlee Panjwani


Anjlee Panjwani is currently a sophomore with a major Biology and a minor in Spanish at Case Western Reserve University. Anjlee is the current Co-Founder and Co-Director of the AMWHO chapter at Case Western. Anjlee has a broad interest in learning about different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds and is constantly directing her enthusiasm in these subjects towards her passion in medicine. Anjlee believes in gaining a holistic perspective on medicine to find ways to improve healthcare. In addition to pursuing an MD and a Masters in Bioethics, Anjlee would also like to attain an MPH in the future. She is immensely delighted to invite the participants of the AMWHO Regional Conference 2017 in Cleveland in April to learn and experience firsthand the importance of public health.


Morgan Sutton

External Co-Director

Morgan is a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University majoring in Polymer Science and Engineering with a focus in biomaterials. She is currently pursuing minors in biomedical engineering and chemistry and is on the pre-medical track. Morgan is currently serving as the Vice President of Outreach for AMWHO CWRU. Morgan’s interests in medicine and public health lie in the development of innovative therapeutics and targeted drug delivery systems to better serve patient populations and improve quality of life. She became involved in AMWHO because she has a passion for improving medical practices and procedures in order to better patients quality of life. She is excited to be involved in the regional conference as Co-Director of External Logistics and looks forward to the discussions on public health it will bring.


Srija Reddy

PR Co-Director

Srija Reddy is a freshman at the Case Western Reserve University majoring in Cognitive Science and hopes to pursue a career in the medical field. Her first hand experiences in seeing the lack of health care and its effects in Southern India inspired Srija to become apart of the AMWHO and learn more concerning such social issues around the world. When she isn’t juggling academics and extracurriculars, Srija loves to explore hole in the wall restaurants, cook for her friends, and play tennis with her sister.


Keerti Vajrala

PR Co-Director

Keerti Vajrala is a first year at Case Western Reserve University, and is originally from Denver, Colorado. She is on the premedical track and is planning on majoring in biomedical engineering with a concentration in biomaterials. Keerti currently serves as a Freshman Liaison for Case Western's AMWHO Executive Board and is one of the Co-Directors of Public Relations for the CWRU Regional Conference. With a passion for community service and public health, she believes that AMWHO will be an outlet to combine the two interests, and allow her to explore them on the global level. She is excited to work with students around the area to better understand global health policy issues and looks forward to making the conference a success.


Divya Manoharan

Internal Co-Director

Divya is a first-year at Case Western Reserve University majoring in Computer Science. Divya serves as the Co-Director of Internal Logistics for the CWRU chapter of AMWHO. Her primary interests lie in combating antimicrobial resistance by working with pharmaceutical companies to produce narrow-spectrum drugs that target superbugs rather than broad-spectrum antibiotics. Divya plans to eventually start a non-profit whose mission is to compile information about antibiotic use in agriculture and its correlation to antimicrobial resistance and use this information to start a grassroots movement to ban said use. She hopes to pursue a career in medicine and use her passions to bring to the medical workforce a desire to diagnose and treat illnesses with the greater interests of public health in mind.


Sanjana Madishetty

Internal Co-Director

Sanjana is a second year Healthcare Management major at Case Western Reserve University. She is a representative in the Undergraduate Student Government, dances on Spartan Bhangra, is a sister of Alpha Chi Omega, and a board member of Naach di Cleveland Dance Competition. Sanjana also works for Health Leads- a non profit organization working to improve holistic healthcare. She loves dancing, meeting new people, and serving the community.


Andrew Thompson

Dais Director

Andrew is a second-year student studying Political Science and minoring in Public Policy. At Case, he is a member of the Undergraduate Student Government, serving on a wide variety of committees including Student Life and Finance. Andrew is also the Secretary of Young Democratic Socialists, and he enjoys reading about leftist politics and applying that to make his campus and community a better place.


Caroline Bredthauer

Theme Director

Caroline Bredthauer is a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University. She is an English major with a Chemistry minor, and is currently on the pre-medical track and hopes to have a career in medicine. She is a member of Sigma Psi sorority, and holds the position of Formal Chair within her chapter. She is also a member of CWRU's all-female a capella group, Solstice, and loves listening to and performing music on campus.


Gabrielle Crapitto

Finance Director

Gabrielle Crapitto is a sophomore at Case Western Reserve University. She is interested in both International Studies and Bioethics and plans to one day pursue a career in the medical field. Her concern for public policy and global health led her to join AMWHO, and she hopes to use the organization to learn more about current health issues.


Jennifer Paiz

Sponsorship Director

Jen is the Chair of Co-Sponsorship of the CWRU chapter of AMWHO’s regional conference. She was born and raised in Sandusky, Ohio and has been involved in research into softening microelectrodes for use in a brain computer interface. Her interests are in the implication of new technologies in the health industries and the international inequalities of these new technologies. She is a sophomore at Case Western Reserve university and is pursuing a degree in Biology. She hopes to study medicine or join the circus. She hopes to utilize her skills by joining Doctors Without Borders one day. She is excited to help with the funding of CWRU AMWHO’s goal of putting on the first regional conference to encourage the discussion of drug delivery and chemical safety.


Samantha Xu

Media Director

Sami Xu is a freshman at Case Western Reserve University majoring in Biology or Psychology with a Chemistry minor. She is involved in Undergraduate Student Government, Global Ethical Leaders Society, and Phi Mu Fraternity. Her interest in healthcare policy and administration and global health has led her to serve on AMWHO. When she isn't reading up on public health news, Sami is cooking, biking, cross-stitching, and swimming!


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