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President's Letter

Dear future AMWHO participants,

Welcome to the American Mock World Health Organization! I am deeply humbled by the response of students nationwide to the country’s very first WHO simulation-based organization, founded at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The university’s great prestige and long-standing achievements in public health provided an excellent atmosphere for such an innovative and educational organization, and I look forward to witnessing the spread of AMWHO throughout the country.

After some research and discovery of the Ontario Model World Health Organization in Toronto, Canada, I attended the conference as the World Health Organization Ambassador for the Republic of Korea. The conference immensely expanded my understanding of global health affairs, diplomatic relations, and the World Health Assembly, and I understood how necessary such knowledge was for me and my fellow global health policy-oriented delegates. The realization I had of the lack of model-WHO conferences within America directed me to the path of creating this organization. I aim for AMWHO to create two things: chapters within all universities to improve global health education, and a yearly national conference with an environment similar to that of the World Health Assembly, all to educate future global health leaders in the proceedings of international health entities.

I intend for this organization to nurture an interest in global health and global health policy often neglected in a standard health education curriculum. Students will receive the opportunity to sharpen their diplomacy skills, as well as increase their ability to engage in problem solving, conflict resolution, and communication skills through an AMWHO conference. The ultimate goal is educational, where delegates will have the chance to learn about pertinent global health issues through the lens of their respective roles. With prior research, they will understand health policy, develop their leadership, public speaking and organizational skills, and grasp the tools needed for global health diplomacy. I hope AMWHO provides an opportunity that goes far beyond any classroom teaching and furthers national global health education. The AMWHO Board of Directors, Secretariat, and I look forward to helping you establish a chapter in your university, and expanding your ever-growing knowledge of global health affairs.


Neha Acharya

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“AMWHO gives students the experience of debating policy and current issues in order to strengthen their skills and build our future leaders.”

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