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The United States’ First Model-WHO Structure

AMWHO, Inc. Consortium

AMWHO, Inc. is a national 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that creates authentic simulations of the World Health Assembly, the sole decision-making body of the World Health Organization (WHO). Our annual international conference hosts approximately 250 graduate and undergraduate participants, who assume the roles of WHO ambassadors, non-governmental organization members, and representatives of media outlets and corporate interests. By partnering with AMWHO, Inc., partners help us engage students in drafting innovative solutions and experiencing a first-hand look into addressing global public health issues.

Funds from our growing consortium will be used in the following ways:

*Nonprofit payments for the website, workplace collaboration tools, and chapter 501(c)(3) status
*An annual AMWHO Chapter Summit for the collaboration of all chapter leadership to discuss best practices, challenges, and ideas
*Scholarships for students across the U.S. for attending the annual international conference
*Grants enabling at least 1 chapter member to attend the annual international conference
*Funding the annual international conference budget (i.e. conference materials, venue rentals, speaker flights/hotels, and delegate meals)

If you share our passion for health education and teaching the global health leaders of tomorrow, we encourage you to explore our website, contact for information about the nonprofit’s consortium tier, and click on the donate button below!

Current Partners

More information on our Consortium Partners will be posted soon.