AMWHO 2018

Directors' Letter

Dear prospective delegates and esteemed colleagues,

We are so excited and honored to welcome you to the 2018 American Mock World Health Organization International Conference held in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on April 6-8th, 2018! Our university is proud to be the origin of AMWHO, and to have hosted the first two international conferences. As the Executive Co-Directors, we look forward to building upon these foundations to craft a unique experience in the multifaceted field of public health. We hope the 2018 International Conference will serve as a platform for meaningful discussion about global health issues, give delegates first-hand experience at drafting internal policy, and be an opportunity to connect with esteemed professionals and passionate peers.

Our goal in creating the 2018 International Conference is for you to be immersed into a constructive environment, in which delegates think critically about social, political, cultural, and economic factors that drive public health outcomes, and collaborate to create holistic and innovative resolutions that will be sent to the WHO in Geneva, Switzerland. We hope that this experience will illustrate the challenges and rewards of crafting global health policy and provide you with the skills necessary and a firm foundation to aid yourself as a future leader in improving global public health.

We are beyond excited to announce the theme for AMWHO 2018- Global Health Innovation: Novel Ideas, New Horizons. In thinking about innovation, the conference focuses on five sub-themes: Public-Private Partnerships | Equitable Access | Health Technology | The Patient Experience | Diffusion of Innovation

Delegates will have the opportunity to represent the stances of differing countries, media outlets, non-governmental organizations, and for the very first time in AMWHO history, pharmaceutical and technology companies. The introduction of these novel roles will serve to better portray realistic players that can shape policy development. You will have the opportunity to utilize your ingenuity and joint efforts to construct a resolution that will incorporate novel changes and improvements.

Finally, we would like to acknowledge the hard work of the AMWHO National Board of Directors, Advisory Board, and our Conference Executive Board in putting together this conference. Their passion for global health and diversity is what has truly made all of this possible. We hope that the vision we have described sparks your curiosity and we look forward to welcoming you to the 2018 AMWHO International Conference!

Pooja Joshi & Nishita Sheth
Co-Directors, AMWHO 2018


African Region (AFRO)

Best Delegate: Nigeria – Chidera Agwu

Best Position Paper: Ethiopia– Kody Oliver

Americas Region (AMRO)

Best Delegate: United States – Shreya Shah

Best Position Paper: Bolivia – Jacqueline Rhuda

Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO)

Best Delegate: Lebanon – Hannah Conti

Best Position Paper: Egypt – Fariha Rahman

European Region (EURO)

Best Delegate: Switzerland – Robert Besch

Best Position Paper: Belgium – Anisha Khanna

Western Pacific & Southeast Asian Region (WPRO/SEARO)

Best Delegate: Japan – Neha Aggarwal

Best Position Paper: Thailand – Sydney Hobart


Best Delegate: Gates Foundation - Dhairya Shukla

Best Position Paper: Red Cross - Jade McKnight

Non-Voting Delegates

Best Delegate: Red Cross, Novartis, Buzzfeed – Kristen Estepp, Jane Nguyen, and Monica Kung

Best Position Paper: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – Jimin Kim

AMWHO 2018 Secretariat

Pooja Joshi

Executive Co-Director

Nishita Sheth

Executive Co-Director

Sanjay Gadi

AMWHO National Co-President

Nupur Jain

AMWHO National Co-President

Annie Chen

Internal Logistics Co-Director

Bethany Cole

Internal Logistics Co-Director

Sanjana Rao

Assistant Media Director

Llana Abella

Media Director

Brian Tanner

Finance Director

Jarred Lobo

Assistant Finance Director

Toby Bader

External Logistics Co-Director

Rida Shams

Dais Director

Anna Ilyasova


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