AMWHO 2016

Directors' Letter

Dear prospective delegates and esteemed colleagues,

Welcome to Atlanta, Georgia! It is our humble honor and pleasure to welcome you to the third annual American Mock World Health Organization conference in the United States. This past year, a new AMWHO chapter was found here at Emory University. From creating this new chapter, to directing the conference and serving on the Dias for the first ever AMWHO Regional Conference, we have both witnessed this groundbreaking organization academically enrich students and professionals from various academic backgrounds. First and foremost, we are extremely grateful to our National President Neha Acharya for providing us with this Model WHO framework. As co-directors of this national conference, we look forward to the discussion of this conference, and sincerely hope that it will serve to be a platform upon which new innovations in the fields of public health and health diplomacy can be built.

Our objective in creating the 2016 AMWHO National Conference is to allow you to apply your pre-existing knowledge and supply you with the chance to engage in a decisive debate that results in a palpable policy change. In order to achieve this goal, we will provide you with the required materials, instructions, and mentorship to easily transition into your assigned position stance during the conference. We hope that this forum presents you with the opportunity to learn about the challenges and exciting developments of working to optimize the health conditions of million around the globe.

We are incredibly excited to announce the theme for AMWHO 2016 - Antimicrobial Resistance, a rapidly emerging topic that even science cannot yet fully tackle. Therefore, it is your chance to employ your creativity and co-operation in structuring a resolution that addresses this issue to its furthest scopes. To expand upon this theme, the conference focuses on several subthemes that will be explained in greater detail in the theme brief. With the World Health Organization’s first World Antibiotic Awareness Week being held in November 2015, we hope you perceive this conference as your opening to challenge and expand the resolution created by the World Health Organization.

Without enthusiastic participants and professionals such as yourself, AMWHO 2016 would carry no echo of the honest, progress-seeking voices that exist in the World Health Assembly. In addition, our passionate secretariat, a team of bright minds from a diverse assortment of disciplines, is dedicated in reflecting its potentials upon your conference experience.

For questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at This is your opportunity to take advantage of a simulated WHO environment to engrain new skills while enjoying the historically rich yet metropolitan capital of Georgia.

We are excited to welcome you to our campus in a few short weeks!

Mansi Maini & Nivedita Potapragada
Co-Directors, AMWHO 2016


African Region (AFRO)

Best Delegate: Namibia - Anna Cizek

Best Position Paper: Tanzania - Bonnie Gale

Americas Region (AMRO)

Best Delegate: Jamaica - Wes Brown

Best Position Paper: Brazil - Isabella Gomes

Eastern Mediterranean Region (EMRO)

Best Delegate: United Arab Emirates - Alice Yu

Best Position Paper: Yemen - Daniel Crum

European Region (EURO)

Best Delegate: Russia - Sanjay Gadi

Best Position Paper: Germany - Kyle Patel

Western Pacific & Southeast Asian Region (WPRO/SEARO)

Best Delegate: China - Fatima Khan

Best Position Paper: Vanuatu - Charity Dunn


Best Delegate: Gates Foundation - Dhairya Shukla

Best Position Paper: Red Cross - Jade McKnight


Best Delegate: BBC - Vanamala Narasimhan

Best Position Paper: Fox News - Pooja Joshi

AMWHO 2016 Secretariat

Nivedita Potapragada

Executive Co-Director

Mansi Maini

Executive Co-Director

Somnath Das

Theme Director

Sakshee Sarrawgi

Media Director

Sandeep Voleti

External Logistics Co-Director

Ashwini Krishnamurthy

External Logistics Co-Director

Lillian Flannigan

Dias Director

Kristi Kwok

Finance Director

Sarah Elmongy

Public Relations Co-Director

Sujith Swarna

Sponsorship Director

Katya Bobrek

Internal Logistics Co-Director

Rohan Yarlagadda

Internal Logistics Co-Director

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