AMWHO Washington Chapter

Directors’ Letter

Dear Prospective Delegates and Esteemed Colleagues,

Welcome to the University of Washington, Seattle!

It is our pleasure to invite you to the first ever American Mock World Health Organization UW Chapter regional conference in Washington State! We are excited to announce that AMWHO has recently initiated a new chapter at the University of Washington, Seattle. Over this past year, this chapter has grown at an incredible pace with the help of dedicated board members and volunteers without whom this conference would not have happened.

The goal of this regional conference is to create a platform for bright, enthusiastic minds to come together to engage in meaningful discussion and debate about healthcare policy as well as have an opportunity create profound policy change. For many of you, this may be your first ever AMWHO conference and thereby it is our job to equip you with all the necessary materials, instructions and mentorship needed for you to perform the role of your position in this conference to the best of your abilities. We sincerely hope that this conference serves to be an enriching experience wherein you will both understand the challenges of creating substantial global health policy change as well as augment your pre-existing passion for striving to optimize the health conditions of millions around the globe.

We are incredibly excited to announce that the theme for this AMWHO Regional Conference Washington 2017 is “Tackling Mental Health: Competency, Access, and Education,” a topic largely unexplored but one that has deep roots in science and healthcare policy. Mental health is a global problem that is often pushed under the rug as a “non-essential” topic. But this conference gives us an opportunity to delve into this topic and create viable healthcare policy that can shape global perceptions and redefine cultural stigmas. To expand upon this theme, the conference focuses on several subthemes that will be explained in greater detail in the theme brief.

AMWHO is a collective sum of all of its participants and we would not have been able to lead this conference without the enthusiasm and passion of students such as yourself. We hope that you will take advantage of this platform of a simulated WHO environment to learn new skills in the spheres of healthcare and global policymaking.

For questions, comments, or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at

We are excited to welcome you to the Emerald City soon!

Pranav Mellacheruvu & Kavya Magham
Co-Directors, AMWHO UW 2017

AMWHO Washington Secretariat


Kavya Magham


Kavya Magham is a junior at the University of Washington majoring in Psychology and pursuing medical school. Kavya is excited to spearhead this organization as Co-Director of AMWHO UW this year. She wishes to be able to capture her interest for public policy and global health by providing a platform for students to learn and have a discussion with each other. She hopes that AMWHO UW will inspire many other students in the greater Seattle area. Apart from her career-related endeavors, Kavya loves to dance as part of her collegiate dance team, Natya, and she funnels her passion for service into her non-profit organization, Kinspire.


Pranav Mellacheruvu


Pranav Mellacheruvu is a senior at UW, currently majoring in biochemistry and looking to matriculate to medical school after a gap year internship with either the UN or WHO. Pranav along with his partner in crime, Kavya, are the co-directors of the AMWHO UW Chapter. Apart from running between science classes, research, the hospital, and AMWHO meetings, Pranav enjoys cricket, downhill skiing, badminton, singing and obsessing over the Seattle Seahawks. But Pranav’s favorite part of AMWHO UW is the emphasis it places on imagination and innovation. His motto is “visualize change, create fluid ideas and innervate yourself in innovation and imagination”.

Director of Finance

Jessamine Anderson

Director of Finance

Jessamine Anderson is a freshman at the University of Washington. She is from Snohomish, WA and is currently serving as the Director of Finance. She is studying public health and political science with a goal of working to improve health policy through legislative advocacy in the public and nonprofit sectors. She became involved in AMWHO to create opportunities for others to learn about global health and serve within the areas that they feel most passionate about. When she isn’t researching grants or fundraising, Jessamine is either spending time with friends and family in a coffee shop, visiting a farmers market, or hiking in the mountains with her dog.


Esha More

Media Director

Esha More, a current sophomore at the University of Washington majoring in Informatics, is the Media Director of AMWHO UW. Her passions include adventure filmmaking and innovation in technology for the betterment of the community. She loves to debate and discuss policies and how technology can play a part in impacting the world, which is how she got involved with AMWHO UW. She is eager to work with her colleagues to address some critical global issues.

External Logistics

Elaina Milton

Director of External Logistics

Elaina Milton is a senior at the University of Washington majoring in Microbiology and minoring in Global Health. She hopes to pursue a PhD in Pathobiology and an MPH in Epidemiology after her undergraduate studies. Her passion of understanding and applying the microscopic to the macroscopic fueled her interest in AMWHO, ultimately leading her to join the Board of Directors for AMWHO UW as the Director of External Logistics. Elaina is excited to experience the world of global health policy-making firsthand in addition to all AMWHO UW has to offer in its inaugural year.

Director of Internal Logistics

Manleen Kaur

Director of Internal Logistics

Manleen Kaur is a junior at the University of Washington, currently majoring in Biochemistry. She is an international student from Dubai, UAE and hopes to pursue a degree in medicine. She became a part of AMWHO UW because it combined two of her interests – Health Policy and Debate. Manleen is currently serving as Director of Internal Logistics at AMWHO UW. She hopes to gain experience both intellectually and professionally during her time here. Apart from academics and debating Manleen also enjoys reading, playing tennis and eating good food with friends and family or hiking. She is very excited for all the wonderful things that AMWHO UW has in store.

Director of Public Relations

Pranita Mantravadi

Director of Public Relations

Pranita Mantravadi, AMWHO UW’s Director of Public Relations, is currently a freshman majoring in Informatics. While health policies are not the subject of focus in her studies, Pranita joined AMWHO to cater to her interest in spirited debates regarding crucial social issues that affect the world. She hopes to use AMWHO as a platform to bring about awareness of global health issues and experience policy-making in action. Pranita thoroughly enjoys all the backstage effort that goes into hosting major events, and she eagerly anticipates AMWHO UW’s first conference. She perceives Kuchipudi, a south Indian classical dance form, as a prominent pillar in her life, and also loves to bake, sketch, and spend time with family and friends.


Registration Timeline:

8/15 - Early Bird Registration Closes ($50)

8/15 - Last day for cancellation with Full Refund

8/16 - Regular Registration Begins ($60)

9/1 - Last day for cancellation with Half Refund

9/23 - Regular Registration Closes

9/24 - Late Registration Begins ($70, if spaces are available)

Observer Fee - $35 (Register Here)

Sunday Observer Fee - $20 (Register Here)

Host a Delegate Program: We understand how tight finances can be for students, and hope to help remove that burden while attending AMWHO Conference 2015. If you wish to be hosted by an UNC student for free, please check that option in the registration form below. If you are able to host a delegate from another school, please check that box in the registration form below. We will then match you with someone needing a place to stay, or with someone who can host you, and inform you ASAP.
**Note: if you have any extra space at all (extra floor space or futon) to host a delegate, please do inform us in the below form. Your hospitality can help wonders to a student unable to pay for a hotel room.**

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